To better get to know you and your partner, and to make your ceremony unique to your relationship, please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire.

Contact Information

Background Information

Many families have wedding traditions that are unique to their family, such as a bride wearing an heirloom wedding veil or other wedding accessory. Wedding traditions almost always involve the participation and observance of the bride and groom's friends and/or family. This can help bring a family together and remind them that they the family bond won't be diminished in marriage.
Are your prents alive? Will they be attending the ceremony? Will the Bride's father escort the Bride down the aisle? If now, who?

About Your Wedding

Religious, Non-Traditional, Military, Civil? Please describe in detail. Interfaith Marriage are welcome! All Beliefs honored
How do you vision your special day? Please give me some insight of the tone or feel for your ceremony.
Anything special I should know? (Wheelchair, other Special Needs, etc.)
Formal dress or informal dress?
Do you want to write vows for one another or pick a reading? Do you want to repeat your vows or would you rather memorize the vows?
Poems, Bible Verses, etc.
Is there anything you do or don’t want included in your wedding?
What type? Recorded, live?
(engagement ring or wedding ring from relative, honeymoon plans, etc?)

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